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Stashware the most reliable, permanent and secure decentralized storage network with data encryption and deduplication. Let your data be with you forever with one click

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Forever love
Your memory wit your most loved ones should be stored forever. Forever love is an application on Stashware that eables you to record your love stories.
Trustoreis a storage designed for buisinesses to bring more trusts. Truestore allows people to build, sign and store contracts forever. The secured and resilient solution bring you more confidence with your contract parents.
Users utilizes the Stashware and a transaction is requested
A block representing that transaction is created
The block is sent to every Stashware node
Nodes validate the tranaction and block
Nodes receives reward for iPoA and wildfire ranking system
The new block is added to the existing blockweave depends on iPoA approach
The update is distributsd using blockshadow across the Stashware network and data stored permanently